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August 12, 2015 / drjamesfreije

Detecting Laryngeal Cancer

An otolaryngologist with more than 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. James Freije treats a wide range of conditions affecting the ears, nose, and throat. One condition Dr. James Freije diagnoses and treats is laryngeal carcinoma, which affects the larynx, or voice box.

Linked to heavy smoking and alcohol use, laryngeal cancer often presents with a sore throat and an earache. Patients with this type of cancer may also experience the feeling of a lump in the throat, a cough, or changes in the voice. When any of these symptoms persist, a physical exam is in order.

The physician will visually inspect and palpate the neck and the inside of the mouth to check for unusual lumps or swellings. He or she may also perform a laryngoscopy, which involves placing a small tube with a light on it down the throat to view the larynx. If suspicious areas are found, a small piece of tissue can be removed during the procedure. The sample is then sent to a pathologist, who will look at the tissue under a microscope to determine if cancer cells are present.

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