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March 8, 2016 / drjamesfreije

Finding the Right Otolaryngologist

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James Freije

For the past two decades, Dr. James Freije has led a successful career as an otolaryngologist head and neck surgeon. Currently practicing with Mount Nittany Physician Group in Pennsylvania, Dr. James Freije relies on his extensive training, which includes an advanced training fellowship at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, to ensure he provides patients with high-quality otolaryngological care.

Finding the right otolaryngologist for your specific needs is an individualized process, but there are several things everyone should keep in mind during the search. Following are just a few things to remember in your search for the right otolaryngologist.

Check qualifications. There are many ways to find possible otolaryngologists, from personal referrals to online directories. Once you create a list of possibilities, make sure they have completed all the necessary training and hold the proper certifications to practice. It is also helpful to look at what experience they have with certain procedures.

Consider rapport. During an initial meeting, asking the physician various questions can provide you with a good idea of how well he or she relays information and how well the two of you connect. This can be affected by the gender of your physician, so if you feel that you will be more comfortable with a particular gender, feel free to take that into consideration as well.

Check hospital quality. In addition to evaluating your otolaryngologist, look into the hospital where he or she typically practices. Checking things like survival and complication rates can be extremely telling. Even if your physician has a good medical record, higher complication rates at hospitals may mean the facility is not well-equipped for emergency situations.

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